Multilateral Comenius Project
~ project description ~
‘Life is a scene, let’s create our play’ is a multilateral Comenius Project which was approaved in 2010. It was a great collaboration of six countries; Turkey, the coordinator, Spain, Greece, Romania, Poland and Austria.

Our project dealt with a very important subject all over the world; environmental pollution which is one of the biggest problems the world faces today. We also intended to promote creativity through dramatization, foreign languages study, artistic facilities, knowledge of geography and learning and linguistic diversity.
With the help of this Project, we could provide the pupil's awareness of nature, environmental pollution, global warming, different cultures and traditions and humanism through drama and other enjoyable activities. Besides, the teachers had the opportunity to study, experience and compare different educational systems, to produce several final products working on different methodologies. The final and intermediate products were used in everyday didactic activities.
The methods of the project were perfectly suitable for Environmental Education and could easily be integrated into school curriculums. Methods also left room for individual creativity, new thoughts, and focus on deeper understanding through the participants’ own ways of thinking and problem-solving. Moreover, our work plan was very-well prepared and managed to draw all of the participants’attention. They actively participated in all activities
Thanks to the hard-working and ambitious teams we could carried out all of our objectives for instance all our participants:
  • clarified and increased the understanding of environment and the human impact on it,
  • reached a personal connection with environment through own experience,
  • gave practical tools to solve environmental problems,
  • participated in improving the local neighborhood and environment, 
  • provided the awareness of nature, environmental pollution, global warming and other environmental issues,
  • became aware of different cultures and traditions especially during the visits, supported foreign languages study and linguistic diversity, developed European dimension and the consciousness about European citizenship, 
  • developed skills such as; foreign languages, exchange of good practices, curricular integration, music, photograpy, arts and crafts, drama and ICT,
  • provided dialogues and communication both in local and international level, 
  • developed creativity and evaluative skills, social and communicative skills, 
  • got more ideas about humanism and human rights, 
  • shared their experiences and ideas in a multicultural context…
The main activity, drama, set free the creativity and imagination of the participants and therefore enabled reflection and self-knowledge. With the help of reflection, the participants could put their experiences into words and concepts. This helped in organizing their own thoughts in a play. These plays helped them to built up more self-confidence. All the groups were very good at creating and performing their plays.
Thanks to all activities of the project, pupils had chance to express their ideas and feelings about the themes. For instance; designing costumes from recycled materials made pupils concentrated on the importance of recycling and its contributions to the nature and the economy of the countries. They developed both their creativity and ability in handcrafts.
The activities also helped them to improve their ability to speak English, to work with ICT, knowledge of geography, art, music, graphics, photography.
All the participants had unforgettable experiences during the visits. As the coordinators of all groups, we decided to host the students at the other students’ houses and this gave the pupils an opportunity to be a part of that culture for a short time. This authentic atmosphere helped them to promote understanding and tolerance about other cultures and to liberate their mind from prejudices.
Our project also promoted policy and priorities of Comenius and the "Lifelong
Learning Programme" in each partner country, on a regional or local level and we believe that this will increase the influence of EU funded programmes.

Österreich Flagge Fahne GIF Animation Austria flag

Austria, Viena
23rd to 28th November 2010

Spanien Flagge Fahne GIF Animation Spain flag

SPAIN, Cordoba 28th of March and the 3rd of April 2011

Polen Flagge Fahne GIF Animation Poland flag

POLAND, Breszcze 17th – 20th of May 2011

Türkei Flagge Fahne GIF Animation Turkey flag

TURKEY, Samsun 2th – 9th of October 2011

Rumänien Flagge Fahne GIF Animation Romania flag

ROMANIA, Suceava 23rd - 29th of April, 2012
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